SanMar's Logoizer™

SanMar’s Logoizer tool gives you and your customers a virtual design studio for customizing apparel, bags and caps—letting your customers easily visualize the final product. With this tool, you can easily upload and preview up to eight logos on a variety of products. And you can zoom in to see the finer details of the fabric used on our products.

The owner of a SanMar-hosted Custom Website can preselect which logos appear on the product, and also offer his or her customers the ability to upload logos.

Developed in-house by SanMar, this tool provides an elegant presentation and ease of use.

Zoom In on the Details

The Logoizer allows you to zoom in and see important details like trim, plackets, sleeves and hems of any product.

Add Logos and More

The Logoizer lets you or your customers upload any logo or logos, or select from our robust clipart library. You may also add any desired text by simply typing it into the tool. With text and images loaded into the tool, it’s easy to preview what the screen printed or embroidered final product will look like.

Add Custom Text

Add your own or your customers’ slogan, company name, motto or any custom text by using the Text tab. Just type in any phrase, select a font and click on the Insert Text button. You may then edit the text size, placement and color.

E-Mail the Pre-Designed Item

When you are happy with the placement and size of the logo or text, simply e-mail the image to your customer. You may also e-mail a copy to yourself, using the E-Mail This Text tab, for your own reference.